Theatre Professionals:

Work With Strangeloop

Strangeloop Theatre’s work is guided by a strong commitment to collaboration.  From actors to playwrights to designers - we work with approximately 40-50 different artists and technicians over the course of a season and are always looking for talented and dedicated professionals to join us in our pursuit of the undiscovered.

Please be aware that as a small, non-equity company, the majority of our work is performed on a volunteer basis, or for small stipends.  At the same time, we strive to provide a fulfilling and artistically rich environment for all our collaborators, actively engaging them in our process, allowing them to stretch their vision and offering opportunities not always available in larger and commercial settings.



Strangeloop typically only holds a few auditions each season.  When we do, the information is posted ahead of time on major Chicago audition notice sites, as well as usually announced on our website.  We will also accept electronic submissions of actor headshots and resumes throughout the year, however we are a small organization and may not be able to respond to most submissions.  The best way to guarantee a response and likely audition opportunity is to contact us when we are seeking specific audition submissions.

To submit your materials or to ask questions about Strangeloop casting, please contact

Designers/Stage Managers/Other Production Professionals

Strangeloop produces at least two full-length shows each year, requiring a complete production team of designers, stage managers and more.  We are always on the lookout for talented production professionals, excited to take on the challenges of storefront theatre- including those new to Chicago or just past their training.  Please note that we don’t have the ability to respond to all submissions, particularly when we’re not immediately seeking that position, but we would love to hear from you and check out your work.  Feel free to send us your resume as well as a portfolio or links to examples of your work.

To submit your materials or to ask questions about Strangeloop production roles, please contact

Play Submissions

Strangeloop is committed to producing new or newly adapted work.  In the course of a typical Strangeloop season we will produce 2 full-length plays, 1 shorter holiday-themed show, at least 2 festivals of short plays and scenes from larger works (between 10-15 pieces) and several other workshop and reading performances - almost all of which are first productions or nearly first productions of these scripts.  And so we are always looking for fresh dramatic voices.

We are primarily interested in work that has not yet been fully produced in its current form, but will also consider recent work with minimal production history.  Please include all relevant history with your submission.

In addition to more traditional scripts by playwrights, we’re also interested in receiving new translations, adaptations and derived material from translators, adaptors, directors, etc.  But please be sure to confirm any necessary permissions and rights with copyright holders.

We are also committed to play development and the growth of works in progress.  Our development process focuses on production-oriented collaboration between writers and artists, as well as readings and performances of scenes that allow audiences to experience and react to the work.  To that end, we also welcome submissions that are in early draft or unfinished forms.

If you’ve had the chance to look over our mission statement and production history and feel that your work might make a good fit for Strangeloop, submit it to us through email.  Please note that we are not accepting physical submissions at this time and that we do not have the ability as a small organization to respond to every submission.

To submit your work or to ask questions about Strangeloop new play production and development, please contact  Please note in the subject line whether your submission is a full-length work, a short play or a piece in process.

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