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April 7th - May 14th

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays @ 7:30 PM

The North Mansion in Berger Park

6219 N Sheridan Road

design by Mike Wozniak

MITERA by Maria Burnham

Directed by Letitia Guillaud

Featuring: Allison McCorkle as Olga Sheridan, Holly Robison as Nitsa Sheridan, Lilly Apostolou as Dimitra Sheridan, Patricia Tinsley as Sharon Kaskalis

and Michael Wagman as Dimitris Kokkinakis.

The Sheridan sisters discover their mother has left their entire inheritance contingent on the youngest sister marrying within a year of her death, otherwise everything goes to their oldest male relative in Greece. But the youngest sister is an unattached romantic who believes in marrying for love.

A world-premiere play, developed through Strangeloop’s Loopshop workshop series, Mitera pokes and prods the boundaries of family loyalty and examines the idea that sometimes the people we’ve known our entire lives are the people we know the least.